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Practice Areas: Mediation


Our team of alternative dispute resolution professionals offers decades of national and international experience and expertise in the commercial and construction law arenas dedicated to meet the parties’ needs, objectives and expectations to help bridge and resolve differences. We are qualified to resolve disputes through mediation in a manner that is devoid of trauma and elongated court process time-lines. We have a number of lawyers with expertise in mediation within the following fields:

  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Leasing
  • Mortgaging

Recipient of 2011 ADR Award

GSNH is so greatly experienced and committed to the use of innovative alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques and setting a successful benchmark for addressing resolution, prevention and management of major disputes that we were named the CPR Institute’s (The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution) first ever Law Firm Award for Excellence in ADR for a Small Law Firm. We work with our clients by helping them avoid disputes or resolve them in a proactive and strategic way at each stage of the case to maximize the possibility of a successful negotiated resolution. Alternative dispute resolution can be a more cost effective way to successfully resolve disputes.

You have the business goals. We have the legal talent and expertise.

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