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Practice Areas: Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing

Commercial leasing is a complex field that covers different categories of properties, each with its own characteristics. Landlords and tenants—the key parties on opposite sides of the commercial leasing relationship—have particular interests and points of view. The ability to successfully manage these varied interests requires detailed knowledge of and extensive experience within commercial leasing. In today’s competitive leasing industry, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you need a well crafted lease to protect your interests for the long term.

Our legal leasing team at GSNH excels in the drafting and negotiating of leases and lease-related contracts. We represent developers, lenders, property and asset managers, landlords and tenants of all types of retail, office and industrial properties. GSNH can negotiate your leases and related agreements, help structure transactions and help with the enforcement of landlord and tenant rights and remedies to achieve win-win results for landlords and tenants.

You have the business goals. We have the legal talent and expertise.

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