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Our People

Our People

In today’s highly competitive corporate and commercial environment, it is essential to retain the right lawyer to help you achieve financial success. Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber LLP (GSNH) offers lawyers who can help advance your company or personal goals while protecting you against challenges and legal attacks.

We are results-focused, good listeners and we pro-actively take the time to understand your objectives, your obstacles and determine how to leverage opportunities, untangle your problems and chart the best path forward to optimize your company’s performance.

Our collective knowledge is formidable for complex or interdisciplinary matters and, in fact, our clients often benefit from the combined experience and shared resources of our legal teams who come together to provide practical solutions to multi-faceted legal issues.

We pride ourselves on our long-standing client relationships and loyalty which is rooted in our tradition of providing personalized service. As a mid-sized law firm, our clients enjoy the benefit of receiving thorough, personal attention and a quick response to their changing needs.

You have the business goals. We have the legal talent & expertise.

Dedicated to your success

GNSH Group